Master of Business Administration

Concurrent MBA Program

An MBA leads to better job security and a higher salary, no matter which industry you choose. With our high-quality program and low tuition, the Ivy MBA is the perfect way to launch your career.  

The concurrent MBA program is designed to be completed in five academic years, with three years of undergraduate coursework followed by two years of MBA studies alongside the remaining undergraduate courses. Concurrent students are part of the full-time MBA program. 

Compatible concurrent MBA majors include:

Admission to the concurrent MBA program is competitive. You should apply during your junior year. Successful candidates demonstrate superior academic ability, strong leadership attributes, and clear career focus. Previous business coursework is not a requirement for application.  

Internships, co-op experiences, extracurricular, and leadership activities are highly valued in the MBA candidate selection process. However, you aren’t required to have additional coursework in business in preparing for the MBA. 

Admitted students typically have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above and have scored 600 or higher on the GMAT exam or GRE equivalent. 

Applying to the Program

If you’re interested in the concurrent MBA program, you should apply by March 15 of your junior year to be considered for scholarships and assistantships. The final application deadline is June 1.   

The following application materials are required and can be submitted by email to

Once all required application materials have been submitted, you will be contacted within two weeks. If the admissions committee approves, an interview will be scheduled. 

Admitted students are classified as graduate students when concurrent enrollment begins and are subsequently assessed graduate business tuition and fees.  

Prospective concurrent students should check with the financial aid office to better understand how aid may change with graduate student status.  

To learn more about concurrent curriculum plans or concurrent MBA program details, contact