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The Iowa State University CyBIZ Lab connects businesses with dedicated student consulting teams to solve company problems by providing data-driven solutions. Partners gain access to university resources, external perspectives, and cost-effective, impactful solutions on flexible timelines. Experienced team leads guide student teams with expertise in the project’s field, overseeing market research and the delivery of actionable solutions through presentations and final reports.

“CyBIZ Lab’s unique approach involves collaborating with a team of students who have varied educational backgrounds and who function outside of our daily business operations. This method allows for a variety of perspectives on the problem at hand which is incredibly valuable to a growing business.”
—Doug Webb, President, CRINC, LLC

Kiana Johnson

Working with CyBIZ Lab was a very positive experience. The survey analysis and the marketing plan provided by the student consultants have been valuable and cost-effective tools for economic development in O’Brien County.

Kiana Johnson, executive director of economic development, O’Brien county, Iowa

CyBIZ Lab project types

CyBIZ Lab provides data-driven business solutions to inform your most difficult strategic decisions. CyBIZ Lab projects can range from conducting targeted market research to exploring new markets. CyBIZ Lab helps companies and organizations address business problems that require additional information for making strategic decisions. CyBIZ Lab can be your resource for an outside opinion informed by real-world data. Sources may include the most recent faculty research coming out of Iowa State, business journals and databases, access to ISU alumni and current students through surveys, focus groups and interviews, or industry connections. CyBIZ Lab specializes in market research and industry best practices. Projects vary from industry to industry.

If you have a business problem and want to utilize our team of talented students, we encourage you to reach out as, more likely than not, it’s a problem that a CyBIZ Lab team can tackle.

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Consulting project packages

Comprehensive Analysis

  • In-depth business process analysis.
  • Comprehensive final product.
  • $6000/~300 hours of work.

Signature Solutions

  • Customized solutions, flexible timeline.
  • Analyze business processes, propose future solutions.
  • Hours/cost dependent on project scope.



The connection with talented Iowa State students and access to faculty expertise is a great asset for any business that establishes its initial roots here.

Kevin Maher, founder and president, VetMeasure, Inc.

CyBIZ Lab process

1. Project submission

2. Project scope development and non-disclosure agreement

3. Kick-off meeting

4. Consistent communication

5. Final report and presentation

6. Invoicing

CyBIZ Lab project request

Please submit information about your business and project idea by completing the online CyBIZ Lab project request form or by contacting the CyBIZ Lab management team. Submitting a project request does not guarantee the project will be accepted and does not commit you to a project, but allows us to explore the possibilities for a successful project with you.

CyBIZ Lab giving opportunities

CyBIZ Lab Excellence Fund

Give directly to CyBIZ Lab and support students through general support or specific categories of your choice, such as supply chain, women, seniors, etc. All Student Excellence donations support students for their work in real-world consulting projects.

Non-profit Grant Program

Non-profit organizations rarely have the extra funding to support a CyBIZ Lab project they may desperately need. By donating a gift to the CyBIZ Lab non-profit grant program, you can help organizations of your choice fund a CyBIZ Lab project that would support their efforts in your community. Be sure to select “I want to support a fund not listed here…” and identify CyBIZ Lab Non-profit in the “Notes/Instructions.”

Support CyBIZ Lab

Support CyBIZ Lab today by donating to our ISU Foundation and electing your gift options

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