The Department of Finance at Iowa State University hosts periodic research seminars and invites top finance scholars as our guest speakers to present their research. Our research workshops also allow faculty members to explore their own research in the form of brown bag presentations. The seminar series provides a forum for faculty members, graduate students, and invited guest speakers to present and discuss cutting-edge research in all areas in finance.

For more information about our speakers series, contact Shaoting Pi.

Spring 2024

01/19/2024 Yao Zeng University of Pennsylvania 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2446 Gerdin
02/23/2024 Xing Huang Washington University in St Louis 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2446 Gerdin
03/27/2024 Valentin Hadad UCLA 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. 3164 Gerdin
04/05/2024 Mao Ye Cornell University 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 3164 Gerdin
04/12/2024 Dan Bernhardt University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 3164 Gerdin
05/03/2024 Markus Pelger Stanford University 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. 2446 Gerdin
09/06/2024 Hülya Eraslan Rice University 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2446 Gerdin

Speaker archives

09/01/2023 Mara Faccio Purdue University 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
09/08/2023 Lauren Cohen Harvard University 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
09/15/2023 Guofu Zhou Washington University in St. Louis 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
10/20/2023 Doron Levit University of Washington 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
11/10/2023 Nadya Malenko Michigan Ross 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
12/01/2023 Dacheng Xiu U Chicago 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin

02/24/2023 Wenyu Wang Indiana University 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
03/10/2023 Pat Akey University of Toronto 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
03/22/2023 Tony Cookson University of Colorado 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
03/24/2023 Alan Moreira University of Rochester 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
04/14/2023 Reena Aggarwal Georgetown University 10:30-12:00 TBD Gerdin
04/21/2023 Jonathan M. Karpoff University of Washington 10:30-12:00 2446 Gerdin
04/28/2023 Zhi Da University of Notre Dame 10:30-12:00 3164 Gerdin

09/09/2022 Xiaoyun Yu Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
09/16/2022 Brooke Wang University of Iowa
09/30/2022 Michael Wittry Ohio State University
10/07/2022 Itay Goldstein University of Pennsylvania
11/04/2022 Jun-koo Kang Nanyang Technological University
11/11/2022 Taylor Begley University of Kentucky

03/25/2022 Audra Boone Texas Christian University
04/15/2022 Jonathan M. Karpoff University of Washington
04/20/2022 George Jiang Washington State University
04/27/2022 James Weston Rice University
04/29/2022 Espen Eckbo Dartmouth College
05/06/2022 Adam Meirowitz University of Utah

06/18/2021 Paul Irvine Texas Christian University
09/15/2021 Gerard Hoberg University of Southern California
10/08/2021 Jeff Pontiff Boston College
10/15/2021 Tony Cookson University of Colorado Boulder
12/03/2021 Andy Puckett University of Tennessee

09/11/2020 Tong Yao University of Iowa
11/18/2020 Yiming Qian University of Connecticut
03/19/2021 Po-Hsuan (Paul) Hsu National Tsing Hua University
03/26/2021 Matthew Serfling University of Tennessee
05/21/2021 Ivan Ivanov Federal Reserve Board

01/24/2020 Philip Bond University of Washington
02/28/2020 Matthew Gustafson Penn state

09/06/2019 David Denis University of Pittsburgh
09/20/2019 Ashish Tiwari University of Iowa
09/25/2019 Rawley Heimer Boston College
09/27/2019 Hendrik Bessembinder Arizona State University
10/04/2019 Dmitriy Muravyev Michigan State University
10/11/2019 Liyan Yang Johns Hopkins University/University of Toronto
10/18/2019 Vikram Nanda UT Dallas
11/01/2019 Andrey Malenko Boston College
11/22/2019 Gjergji Cici University of Kansas

02/08/2019 Tom Chemmanur Boston College
02/22/2019 Xiaofei Zhao Georgetown University
03/29/2019 Dave Mauer University of North Carolina at Charlotte
04/05/2019 Feng Jiang The State University of New York at Buffalo
04/12/2019 Bob DeYoung University of Kansas
04/19/2019 Jarrad Harford University of Washington

09/28/2018 Yongqiang Chu University of North Carolina at Charlotte
10/16/2018 Mitchell Petersen NorthWestern University
10/26/2018 Bill Megginson University of Oklahoma
11/09/2018 Nandkumar Nayar Lehigh University

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