The Undergraduate Student Services Office is conveniently located in 1200 Gerdin Business Building, next to the main lobby, which we call the Granite Hallway. Appointments are typically scheduled for 30 minutes and can cover topics such as registration, academic standing, and curriculum.

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Access our student success platform, EAB Navigate, designed for current Iowa State undergraduate students. This system connects you to campus resources to ensure your retention and success. When asked for the location, look for Business Advising [1200 Gerdin] in the drop-down menu.

Meet your team of experts

As an undergraduate student, you are assigned a professional advisor from the Undergraduate Student Services team of experts. Your advisor cares about your success and well-being, and they are an important partner in your Ivy experience. 

  • Diann Burright

    Diann Burright

    Director, Undergraduate Student Services
    Academic advisor

  • Stephanie Larson

    Stephanie Larson

    Assistant director, Undergraduate Student Services
    Academic advisor

  • Michele Tapp

    Michele Tapp

    Assistant director, Undergraduate Student Services
    Academic advisor

  • Ian Allen

    Ian Allen

    Academic advisor
    Military students advising lead

  • Tara Fischer

    Tara Fisher

    Academic advisor
    Ivy Student Council advisor
    Communications and social media liaison

  • Dan Hanson

    Dan Hanson

    Academic advisor
    International students advising lead
    Student organization liaison

  • Jenny Macken

    Jenny Macken

    Study Abroad and academic advisor

  • Katie Minnihan

    Katie Minnihan

    Academic advisor
    Business Learning Teams co-coordinator
    BUSAD 102 co-coordinator

  • Jessie Neal

    Jessie Neal

    Academic advisor
    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) advisor

  • Kelly Pistilli

    Kelly Pistilli

    Senior academic advisor
    Orientation coordinator
    Honors coordinator
    Delta Sigma Pi advisor

  • Ellie Schaben

    Ellie Schaben

    Academic advisor

  • Brady L. Talley

    Brady L. Talley

    Director, Multicultural Student Success
    Academic advisor
    Multicultural Business Network advisor

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Undergraduate Student Services

1200 Gerdin Business Building
2167 Union Drive
Ames, Iowa 50011



  • Send us an email:
  • Call at 515-294-8300 any time between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. 
  • Schedule a video chat with a member of our recruitment staff. We can do this on your favorite platform, just let us know which one you prefer: Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or suggest another. Email our recruitment staff: