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PhD Program

PhD Program

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The Iowa State University Business and Technology PhD program is a full-time residential program. The program will focus on theory development and testing in areas relating to the management of five critical resources of any organization.

The PhD program is among the first inter-disciplinary programs in business in the country. Although companies have adopted an integrated, inter-disciplinary stance, most PhD programs around the country are traditional in nature, focusing instead on functional areas of business.

While its primary focus is inter-disciplinary, our program also facilitates students to obtain specialized knowledge in one of the traditional functional areas of business such as marketing, management, operations, and logistics.


The doctoral program in Entrepreneurship (ENT) prepares an aspiring group of doctoral students to conduct and publish scholarly research in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Management.

Information Systems

The PhD program in Information Systems (IS) is designed to develop future scholars to excel in basic and applied research in the field of information systems.


The doctoral program in management (MGMT) prepares doctoral students to publish scholarly research in the fields of Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management.


The marketing (MKT) PhD program at ISU prepares a select group of students for their research and teaching careers in academia. Our program aspires to train students so that they are placed in research-oriented universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Supply Chain Management

The doctoral program in Supply Chain Management (SCM) prepares doctoral students to publish scholarly research in the fields of logistics, transportation, and operations management.

PhD News

Catching up with Jing Dai, our first graduate

Ivy College of Business’ first PhD graduate Jing Dai was accepted to the brand new Ivy College of Business doctoral program in the fall 2009, and was Ivy’s first doctoral program graduate in 2013! [...]

Curriculum & Requirements

The curriculum is comprised of 74 credits of coursework, including a minimum of 18 credits of business graduate coursework that must be completed before admission to the PhD program (see: Academic Prerequisites). It is expected that students will require a minimum four years to complete the program.

As is true of PhD programs in any field, the primary focus of our program will be on research. The program has been designed to help students develop excellent research skills and the ability to conduct high quality scholarly research.

Moreover, because most of our doctoral students will pursue careers in academia, the program also emphasizes the development of pedagogical skills and a student’s passion for teaching and ability to teach.

The program will require full-time participation of students. Learning outside the classroom under the guidance of faculty mentors will be a key component of doctoral education. Students can expect to invest 50 or more hours per week in classroom-related and outside the classroom learning activities. It will not be suitable for individuals seeking a part-time learning experience or for individuals seeking graduate distance education.


Financial aid is provided to all students admitted to the PhD program. The financial aid package will include coverage of tuition fees and half-time assistantship stipend. The assistantship appointment will require students to work as a research or a teaching assistant.

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