The doctoral specialization in management (MGMT) will prepare you to conduct and publish scholarly research in the fields of strategy, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and human resource management. 

The entrepreneurship (ENT) specialization focuses on the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, and is closely associated with the management specialization curriculum and faculty.

The goal of our program is to prepare you to compete for tenure-track positions at leading research universities in the United States and abroad. As a doctoral candidate, you will learn how to conduct impactful research. You are expected to develop a research pipeline and publish your work in top academic journals before entering the job market.

To help with this endeavor, you will work as a research assistant to multiple faculty mentors starting the first year of the program. These collaborations are essential in helping you develop research skills as you contribute to faculty-led research projects.

Department faculty serve on multiple editorial review boards and publish in top management and entrepreneurship journals, including:  

  • Academy of Management Journal. 
  • Academy of Management Review.
  • Journal of Business Venturing.
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 
  • Strategic Management Journal.
  • Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Journal of Management.

For more information about management curriculum and research opportunities, contact Melissa Chamberlin.

For more information about entrepreneurship curriculum and research opportunities, contact Mike Lerman.

Hear what our students have to say

Kaushik Gala“The doctoral program at the Ivy College of Business provides an ideal mix of autonomy and support. I have been given the chance to explore my research interests and work on impactful projects with many faculty. A highly collegial atmosphere and supportive culture have helped me build what I hope will be lifelong relationships with faculty and fellow students. Financial support for projects and conferences have further improved my research productivity. Through doctoral seminars, research presentations, faculty workshops, and engagements with guest speakers, the doctoral program has equipped me with the skills essential for early-career scholars in management and entrepreneurship.” — Kaushik Gala, third year PhD student

Meet our faculty

  • profile image of Marc Anderson

    Marc Anderson

    Dean's Fellow in Management, Associate Professor
    Leadership, Personality, Organizational Behavior, Philosophy of Science, Time and Timing
  • profile image of Manjot Bhussar

    Manjot Bhussar

    Assistant Professor
    Mergers and Acquisitions, Downsizing, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Corporate Restructuring
  • profile image of Melissa Chamberlin

    Melissa Chamberlin

    Associate Professor
    Voice, Participation, Team communication and processes, Workplace relationships
  • profile image of Laura D'Oria

    Laura D'Oria

    Assistant Professor
    Firm Resources and Capabilities, Social Evaluations, Media, Competitive Dynamics
  • profile image of Sam DeMarie

    Samuel DeMarie

    Director of Executive MBA, Associate Professor
    Strategic Management, Leadership Development and Executive Training, Corporate Change Initiatives, Team Performance and project management, Virtual Teamwork
  • profile image of Pol Herrmann

    Pol Herrmann

    Bob and Kay Smith Entrepreneurship Professor, Professor
    International strategies, strategic leadership, technology and innovation management.
  • profile image of Mike Howard

    Michael Howard

    Hilsinger-Janson Professor, Professor
    Social Network Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Innovation
  • profile image of Mike Howe

    Michael Howe

    Dean's Fellow in Management and Associate Chair, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Associate Professor
    Motivation, Adaptation, Methods, Teams, Performance
  • profile image of Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    Thome Professor in Business and Associate Dean for Research and Academic Personnel
    Corporate Governance, Research Methods, Philosophy of Science
  • profile image of Mike Lerman

    Michael Lerman

    Assistant Professor
    Stress, Coping, and Well-Being, New Venture Teams, Team Conflict, Qualitative Methods
  • profile image of Ileana Maldonado-Bautista

    Ileana Maldonado-Bautista

    Assistant Professor
    Stakeholder theory, Entrepreneurship, Judgment-based view of entrepreneurship
  • profile image of Kristie Moergen

    Kristie Moergen

    Assistant Professor
    Social Class, Interpersonal Processes and Interactions, Behavioral Ethics
  • profile image of Brandon Mueller

    Brandon Mueller

    Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Education for Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurial passion, Intersection of self-regulation and entrepreneurship, Opportunity recognition
  • profile image of Annaleena Parhankangas

    Annaleena Parhankangas

    Kingland Systems Professor of Entrepreneurship, Professor
    Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Communication, International business, Non-Stereotypical Entrepreneurs
  • profile image of Sophie Pychlau

    Sophie Pychlau

    Assistant Professor
  • profile image of Paul Sanchez-Ruiz

    Paul Sanchez-Ruiz

    Assistant Professor
    Entrepreneurship strategy that focuses on the underlying psychological and behavioral predictors of entrepreneurial outcomes, Hispanic entrepreneurs and Hispanic-owned businesses, Family firm dynamics, Entrepreneurship within developing and traditional economies
  • profile image of Deidra Schleicher

    Deidra Schleicher

    John and Deborah Ganoe Professor in Business and Chair, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Professor
    Talent Management, Performance Management, High Potential Employees
  • profile image of Andreas Schwab

    Andreas Schwab

    Dean's Faculty Fellow in Management, Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs, Associate Professor
    Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Organizational Learning, Entrepreneurship in Digital-Platform Ecosystems, High-Speed Learning, and Star Entrepreneurs, Research Methodology: Bayesian Statistics, Replications, Empirical Analyses Beyond Statistical Significance
  • profile image of James Summers

    James Summers

    Max S. Wortman, Jr. Professor, Associate Professor
    Team adaptation, Status, Stigma, Team communication
  • profile image of Hyunjung (Elle) Yoon

    Elle Yoon

    Assistant Professor
    Strategic management, Corporate governance, Strategic leadership, Social evaluations, CEO attributes

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