Demonstrating excellence

The Ivy College of Business is proud to honor the exceptional work of our dedicated students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. Our college-level awards recognize members of the Ivy community who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating excellence in student engagement and impact, involvement in alumni activities, volunteer and community service, or outstanding research and teaching performance.

Ivy Award nominations are due by April 1; the ceremony will take place in May. See the following documentation for information about each award: Ivy Faculty Awards 2024 and Ivy Staff Awards 2024. Anyone may nominate a staff member for an award. All faculty nominations must go through the nominee’s department chair or designated committee. Only one faculty nomination per category is allowed from each department. Submit all nominations online through the PRR system You must be on campus or use the VPN to access the site. After logging in, select Ivy Awards and then Nominate Someone.

All you need to do is select the award and the nominee, then paste them into your nomination text. If you cooperate with another nominator, you can enter their name, and they can edit the nomination. You can attach the file to the nomination if you want to include a CV or other documentation. However, you should enter the main text of your nomination in the text box provided. This makes it easier for the selection committees, which do the hard work of evaluating the nominations.

Selection committee advice for successful nominations:

  • Make sure that your nomination aligns with the criteria for the award.
  • Be careful to avoid factual errors and irrelevant information in the nomination.
  • Do not attach your nomination text as a separate document.

If you have questions about the award rules, please get in touch with Scott Johnson. If you have questions about the PRR system web interface, please contact Greg Buttery.


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