Build your confidence with a communications coach

The Ivy Writing and Speaking Center is here to help you become a more confident and competent business communicator. We are a free service for undergraduate and graduate students offering one-on-one and group feedback on communication-based coursework. This includes written papers, memos, projects, presentations, and more. We also serve non-native English speakers by helping with English language development—grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and other language-related skills. Our specialty is business communication and all the nuances that come with it.

Across the Ivy College of Business, it’s our goal to strengthen student communication skills and enhance critical thinking by offering opportunities for you to practice those crucial skills throughout your academic career. Staff at the Writing and Speaking Center are available year-round to enhance your written, oral, and visual communication skills.

Personalized service

Need one-on-one assistance with a class assignment that requires communication skills? We are here to help. Our communication coaches are at your service for:

  • Personalized coaching for individuals and teams to improve business communication skills.
  • Developing English grammar, vocabulary, and syntax for nonnative English speakers.
  • Consulting on content, writing style, document design, and grammar.
  • Creating storyboard presentations to make engaging data visualization with PowerPoint.
  • Individualized public speaking feedback for delivery, content, and visuals.
  • Assistance with job application materials for graduate students seeking academic positions.

Top: Apex scholars at the Ivy Writing and Speaking Center. Left-center: Jamie and Lea outside the Writing and Speaking Center. Right-bottom: One-on-one coaching session at the Ivy Writing and Speaking Center.

Morgan Johnston

A simple hour meeting can help alleviate nervousness and improve your skills and confidence. I would encourage every Ivy student to consider utilizing this amazing resource.

Morgan Johnston (’23, marketing and supply chain management)

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Online resources

Visit the Ivy Writing and Speaking Center through in-person and online appointments, or utilize our online resources to:

  • See examples of professional memos, executive summaries, or emails.
  • Hone your business communication skills, from creating strong PowerPoint presentations to writing effective memos.
  • Explore American English grammar as well as cultural idioms and other topics.
  • Hear about student success from Ivy faculty and staff.

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