Welcome to Graduate Students Services at the Ivy College of Business! We are excited to have you with us and look forward to working with you as you earn your graduate degree.


New student orientation

We look forward to meeting you!

You will be invited to a comprehensive orientation session prior to or following your first semester, depending on whether you begin in the fall, summer, or spring. Specific orientation dates will be shared with you in advance.

During orientation, you will meet the dean and members of our staff who will be working with you throughout your program. You will learn what it’s like to be an Ivy graduate student and see first-hand the many resources available to help you be successful.

Individual programs may coordinate additional meetings for you to meet directly with your Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) or advisor. Watch for communication from them regarding these details.


Meet with your academic advisor

Graduate students in the Ivy College of Business have a strong support system of staff members. They are here for you every step of your journey, from admission to landing your dream career.

Graduate programs at Ivy

Let’s reach new heights, together! The Ivy College of Business has a portfolio of graduate academic programs tailored to help you achieve your personal and career goals.

Find out more

Curriculum and course offerings

Master of Accounting

Master of accounting (MACC)
MACC degree requirements
MACC current course offerings

Master of Accounting Analytics

Master of accounting analytics (MAA)
MAA degree requirements
MAA sample program plan

Master of Business Analytics

Master of business analytics (MBAN)
MBAN degree requirements
MBAN sample program plan

Master of Entrepreneurship

Master of entrepreneurship (MEP)
MEP degree requirements
MEP current course offerings

Master of Finance

Master of finance (MFIN)
MFIN degree requirements
MFIN sample program plan
MFIN current course offerings

Master of Healthcare Analytics and Operations

Master of healthcare analytics and operations (MHAO)
MHAO degree requirements
MHAO sample program plan
MHAO current course offerings

Master of Real Estate Development

Master of real estate development (MRED)
MRED degree requirements
MRED sample program plan
MRED current course offerings

Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of science in information systems (MSIS)
MSIS degree requirements
MSIS sample program plan
MSIS current course offerings


Full-time MBA
Concurrent MBA
MBA degree requirements
MBA sample program plan
MBA current course offerings
MBA specializations

Professional MBA

Professional MBA (PMBA)
PMBA degree requirements
PMBA sample program plan
PMBA current course offerings
PMBA specializations

Executive MBA

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Concurrent Degree Options

Bachelor of accounting + master of accounting (ACCT-MACC)
Bachelor of business analytics + master of business analytics (BUSAN-MBAN)
Bachelor of business analytics + master of science in information systems (BUSAN-MSIS)
Bachelor of finance + master of finance (FIN-MFIN)
Bachelor of management Information systems + master of business analytics (MIS-MBAN)
Bachelor of management Information Systems + master of science in information systems (MIS-MSIS)
Bachelor of software engineering + master of science in information systems (SE-MSIS)
Concurrent MBA program for a variety of technical majors

Double Degree Options

Doctor of veterinary medicine + MBA (DVM-MBA)
MBA + master of accounting (MBA-MACC)
MBA + master of architecture (MBA-MARCH)
MBA + master of business analytics (MBA-MBAN)
MBA + master of community and regional planning (MBA-MCRP)
MBA + master of entrepreneurship (MBA-MEP)
MBA + master of finance (MBA-MFIN)
MBA + master of healthcare analytics and operations (MBA-MHAO)
MBA + master of science in information systems (MBA-MSIS)
Master of finance + master of real estate development (MFIN-MRED)

Graduate Certificates

Business analytics
Digital marketplace analytics
Enterprise cybersecurity
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Supply chain management

Graduate Minor

Business administration minor


Register for classes

You can register for classes one semester at a time, in consultation with your academic advisor. The  schedule of classes  is available online. You can register for classes in  AccessPlus, the university’s student records system. For all the details and deadlines, visit the  registration page. View Graduate Business current course offerings.

You can register for classes on AccessPlus.

  • Specialty master’s students will work with their DOGE or academic advisor for assistance registering.
  • You will receive a date and time that you will be able to begin registration for each semester. If you have any problems registering, please contact Lacy Greenfield at lacyg@iastate.edu. Your class schedule will be posted on AccessPlus, too.
  • For MBA students, the MBA staff will register you for the first semester of your core classes. After your first semester, you will be responsible for registering for classes in a timely manner.

Assistantships, scholarships, and loans


Graduate assistantships are offered to highly qualified candidates admitted into Iowa State University, as full-time Ivy graduate students in master’s degree programs. Assistantships provide students unique opportunities to work directly with business faculty actively engaged in leading-edge research in their respective fields. Most Ivy assistantships are administrative and are quarter-time (10 hours/week) for a total of 170 hours. In each academic year, we award 30-35 graduate assistantships that help support our academic departments. Ivy graduate assistantships are only awarded to students in fulltime Ivy graduate programs.

Graduate assistants in Ivy receive the following benefits:

  • Semi-monthly stipend.
  • C-based tuition, which is equivalent to resident tuition.
  • Tuition scholarship equivalent to 37.5 percent tuition (for 10 hour/week positions).
  • Reduction in student fees.
  • Health insurance coverage for the duration of the appointment.

For new students to be considered for a graduate assistantship, check “yes” on the application form where it asks, “Do you want to be considered for an assistantship?” Assistantships are awarded based on GPA, GMAT scores, work experience, and other notable achievements.

For current students to apply, fill out the Ivy College of Business Graduate Assistantship Application. The application requires that you upload a current resume and cover letter. Positions are highly competitive and reviewed each semester.

You can seek out other employment opportunities across campus. Check out CyHire for other department assistantship positions and hourly, on-campus employment.

Please refer to the Graduate College website for more information about Graduate Assistantships.

Ivy Excellence Graduate Student Positions

The Ivy College of Business Ivy Excellence graduate student positions are offered to current Ivy graduate students enrolled in fulltime programs. These positions are paid hourly and include job duties that are not directly related to an Ivy student’s academic program. All Ivy Graduate students must enroll in a minimum of 6 credits during the semesters they have their position. Students below full-time status will have their scholarships prorated. In each academic year, we award 30-35 Ivy Excellence positions that help support work in the Ivy College of Business.

Ivy Excellence students receive the following benefits:

  • Hourly wage of $25/hour for 10 hours/week for a total of 170 hours each semester.
  • Ivy Excellence scholarship based on residency status.

Students are considered for Ivy Excellence awards at the time of admission. However, if openings become available, students may apply through the application. The application requires that you upload a current resume and cover letter. Positions are highly competitive and reviewed each semester. Students on assistantships are not eligible for Ivy Excellence positions.


Scholarships are available to students based on their programs. Scholarships are only available for full-time students, unless otherwise indicated.

All prospective students that submit a completed application are considered for the scholarships. There is not a special application form. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified in your acceptance letter or later in a scholarship letter from the Graduate Programs Office.


Most graduate programs are eligible for student loans. The type and amount of the loan depends on your personal circumstances. For detailed information regarding student loan options, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. To begin the student loan process, please complete the FAFSA.

Existing student loans can be deferred until you complete your graduate degree as long as you take a minimum number of credit hours per year. Please check with the Financial Aid Office to learn more, financialaid@iastate.edu.

Preparing for graduation

As you approach graduation, there are important steps you’ll need to follow. Students are encouraged to complete these steps as early in the semester as possible. See full details on the Graduate College’s graduation process.

1) Program of Study Committee (POSC), due semester prior to graduation.

  • POSC form is available in AccessPlus > Student > Grad Stdnt Status > My POSC Form.
  • POSC must be approved by the Graduate College no later than the end of the term before your graduation term. For example, if you plan to graduate at the end of spring semester, plan to work on this over Thanksgiving break.

2) Once POSC is approved, apply for graduation, due semester prior to graduation.

  • Apply for graduation (regardless of whether or not you will attend the in-person ceremony) through AccessPlus at the “Grad Stdnt Status” page.

3) Are you a Masters of Information Systems (MSIS) major? If yes, go to Step 4. All other majors, skip to Step 6.

4) Schedule your final oral exam with your committee and once scheduled, submit a request for final oral examination to the Graduate College; it will vary each semester, a request must be submitted three weeks prior (no late requests will be accepted).

  • Contact the Ivy College of Business graduate programs office for assistance scheduling a room ivygrad@iastate.edu.
  • Submit the final oral Online Examination Request form to the Graduate College at least three weeks prior to your scheduled exam. Students who do not meet this deadline will have their graduation canceled by the Graduate College.
  • If you are unable to attend your final oral examination in person, you will need to complete the final oral Examination with Student at a Distance form.

5) Submit your creative component to ISU Digital Repository

  • Create an account in the ISU Digital Repository.
  • Submit your creative component to the Graduate College via the Creative Component Submission form.
  • The Graduate College requires all students to submit their creative component, but they do not review the contents. If your committee has approved your final oral exam/graduation, this is what determines if you have successfully completed the program.

6) Final Steps

Graduation events

As an Ivy graduate student you have a lot to celebrate! We know you’ve put in many hours of study and we are so proud of you! Invite your family, friends and cheering section to join you. At the Ivy College of Business convocation, hosted at Hilton Coliseum, your Ivy faculty and staff will be there to congratulate you and your peers.

During the 60-75 minute ceremony, you’ll sit with other students in your program, cross the stage as your name is read, have your picture taken, and receive a small gift. Seating is unlimited at Hilton and tickets are not required for admission. You’ll be invited to RSVP through email two or three weeks prior to convocation.

Diplomas are not handed out at the Ivy College of Business convocation ceremony, but rather can be:

Want more celebration? Consider attending the university graduate college ceremony. If you are a concurrent undergraduate/graduate student you may also attend your undergraduate program’s convocation event. There are many options for you to select from, but please RSVP so that event coordinators know to expect you.

Students who graduate in the summer have the option to attend the spring or the fall ceremony. Make sure you apply for summer since that is when you will complete all degree requirements. If you choose to walk in the spring, the “diploma/ceremony” option will be available in March. If you choose to walk in the fall ceremony, that option will be available in mid-June.

Graduates must wear full regalia for university ceremonies. You can rent or purchase your regalia at the University Bookstore.
Watch a quick tutorial on how to wear your regalia

Ivy graduate students will wear the following regalia:

  • Masters gown.
  • Drab masters hood.
  • Cap.
  • Black tassel.

Learn more about graduation at the university’s graduation FAQ page.

Graduate Business Career Services

Graduate Business Career Services

Our staff works closely with you, employers, and alumni to foster positive and productive recruiting relationships. Through training workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions, our experienced staff will work with you to create and execute a search strategy, craft your resume and cover letters, prepare for career fairs and job interviews, improve your networking skills, and successfully negotiate offers.

Get involved with your network

The Community

The Community is an online platform that is available through Canvas, Iowa State’s learning management system. Many students check this resource on a regular basis. All Ivy graduate students will have access created during their first semester. Check out information on registration, academic programs, resources on campus, and FAQs.

Mind to Market Case Competition

Case competitions

Case competitions offer a wonderful opportunity to travel and meet other graduate business students from all over the country. While most of the competitions are designed for MBA students, there are opportunities for information systems and business analytics students too.

Master of Business Administration and Specialized Masters Association (MBASMA)

The MBASMA is designed to allow graduate students in business the opportunity to network with professionals in various areas of business and explore related career paths. The MBASMA creates and pursues opportunities for students to develop the skills and behaviors required in business.

Its purpose is to enhance the graduate student experience in the Ivy College of Business by providing members opportunities for:

  • Personal and professional growth through networking and skills development activities and programs.
  • A welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages diversity, promotes cultural awareness, and facilitates interaction among all students.
  • Community engagement through service projects and volunteer activities.
  • Marketing and student recruitment as ambassadors of the Ivy graduate programs.
  • Students, faculty, and staff to work together for the betterment of the Ivy graduate programs and student experience.

Professional development

The Ivy College of Business offers programming throughout the academic year to help supplement your professional development outside the classroom. Topics vary each semester, but you can check out previous programming topics below:

International study abroad opportunities

Travel the world while earning credits towards your degree. The Ivy College of Business offers many opportunities throughout the year for students to take their studies abroad, including study tours specifically designed for graduate students. Previous graduate study tours have included trips to the Philippines, Croatia, Italy, Spain, and many more. Talk with your DOGE/advisor about how a study tour may apply to your graduate degree. Learn more about these opportunities on the international programs page.

Brady Talley

Support for a diverse community

At the Ivy College of Business, we strive to build a welcoming, inclusive community and to prepare students for a diverse, global workplace. We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and graduating a diverse student body. 

Need more information?

Join us for an in-person information session or a webinar to learn more about the advantages of a graduate degree, including career outcomes and earnings potential.

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