Earn a graduate minor in business administration

A minor in business administration is available to all students at Iowa State University with these understandings:

  • You complete 18 credit hours of the required core courses for the major in business administration.
  • You have full admission status in your respective graduate program and must be in good academic standing (graduate transcript required).

To begin:

  • Submit a letter of support from your major professor to the Ivy College of Business.
  • Include a statement of purpose providing the rationale for pursuing the business administration minor.

The minor must be listed on all academic plan materials and examination reports and on the completion/graduation application. The associate dean for graduate programs, who serves as the major professor for MBA students, normally serves as the minor representative on the student’s academic plan/committee.

You are strongly encouraged to follow the prescribed sequence of required courses below and complete the minor in two semesters.

Applications for the graduate minor in business administration are accepted for the online and hybrid programs only and can be accepted for fall or spring entry. Admission is approved only if space allows in the program. Ivy graduate students are not eligible to earn a graduate minor in business administration.

Graduate minor course requirements

Contact busgrad@aistate.edu for more information.

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