Expand your arsenal of accounting expertise

If you want to add improved critical thinking, analytical decision making, and communication skills to your arsenal of accounting expertise, our master of accounting (MACC) program is for you. Designed to meet the needs of accountants in public and private industries, our comprehensive program will prepare you to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam or the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. Whichever direction you want to go, we’ve got you covered.

CPA and CMA specialization guide
Course offerings


MACC program features

  • Fulfillment of the 150-hour CPA certification requirement.
  • CPA or CMA exam preparation.
  • Area specializations.
  • Hands-on, real-world coursework.
  • London study abroad option.
  • Opportunity for a higher starting salary and faster advancement in your career.
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) designation for international students.

The MACC program at Ivy is a comprehensive path for accounting students aspiring to become CPAs. It offers flexibility and an accelerated timeline for CPA exam preparation.

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MACC program details

Admission and fees

Apply to the MACC program

Online application

Successful applicants have a strong academic record and good communication skills.

Application requirements

  • Resume.
  • Official college transcripts.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Three essays.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English score for non-native English speakers.

Please note: Graduate students whose native language is not English and who do not have a degree from Iowa State University, must take the English Placement Test at the beginning for their first semester of enrollment. The test is administered by the Department of English. It must be taken in addition to the Test of English as a Foreign Language), which is taken as a part of the admissions process. A student who does not pass this examination is required to take specific courses in the English 99/101 series. This coursework must be completed no later than the semester BEFORE you graduate.

Application deadline
Admission materials submitted by:
Fall semester: June 15
Spring semester: November 15
Summer semester: March 15 (Domestic students only)

Format and length
In-person, 30 credits, 2 semesters

Ames, Iowa

Program tuition and fees*

Iowa residents: $818/credit hour + fees
Non-residents: $1,825/credit hour + fees
International students: $1,931/credit hour + fees

*Tuition and fee rates are subject to change
Cost of attendance – click here to review a general estimate. This is a university page.


In two semesters or less, you can earn a technical degree with courses that prepare you to excel in diverse business and accounting careers. Our 30-credit, non-thesis program includes a 15-credit core component that provides classes in accounting analytics, financial accounting, and business communications.

In addition, each specialization includes six credits of test preparation. Depending on your interest, you may pursue one of two tracks: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) track or the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) track. Each track includes several specializations, which will determine your course of study for the additional 15 credits.

The CPA track offers three specializations, including:

  • Financial reporting and assurance.
  • Information systems and analytics.
  • Tax.

The CMA track offers two specializations, including:

  • Managerial decision making.
  • Information systems and analytics.

Concurrent MACC students can integrate the curriculum into their undergraduate studies.

Graduate certificates

The Ivy College of Business currently has six graduate certificate programsEach certificate requires 12-15 credits — some of which may apply to your MACC degree. See your advisor for more information, or email busgrad@iastate.edu.

Concurrent degree options

Concurrent students are students who are earning their undergraduate and graduate degrees at the same time.

As an undergraduate, you can jump into our one-year master of accounting (MACC) program in tandem with your bachelor’s degree in accounting (ACCT) — meaning you can finish both programs in five years.

Successful concurrent MACC candidates have:

  • Earned a GPA above 3.0.
  • Earned a B or higher in all accounting courses.
  • Completed four upper-division accounting courses, including ACCT 3870.
  • Demonstrated strong professional communication skills.

Double degree options

The MBA-MACC double degree program combines the comprehensive management education of the top-ranked Ivy MBA with an in-depth study of accounting through the MACC degree. The program can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. 

Contact an advisor for more information at busgrad@iastate.edu.

Study abroad

The three week study abroad program in London usually runs from the third week June through the first week in July. The program will fill the requirement for two elective courses. Past trips have included tours of Lloyd’s of London, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, PwC’s London office, and the Chartered Accountants Hall.

For more information, contact Kayla Sander at kayla@iastate.edu

Scholarships and assistantships

There are a limited number of quarter-time assistantships available for qualified students. Anyone awarded an assistantship will be classified as an in-state student and will be given a 25 percent tuition scholarship. In addition, students on assistantship qualify for paid health insurance and a 10-hour-per-week stipend. Assistantships are renewable for the next semester provided students meet the academic and performance requirements. Any student may apply for an assistantship when applying for the program. 

The $5,000 Heartland Scholarship is for Iowa residents only. The scholarship covers approximately one semester of tuition. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote the value of graduate business degrees among Iowa residents.

For more information, contact an advisor at busgrad@iastate.edu.

International students

Important information for international students

Three-year degrees may be accepted if a WES or ECE transcript evaluation deems your degree equivalent to a U.S. four-year degree.

Otherwise, Iowa State University’s Graduate College does not accept three-year degrees from India, Bangladesh, Canada (excluding Quebec), Nepal, and Pakistan. Degrees from these countries are internally reviewed individually if submitted directly to Iowa State.

Additionally, Iowa State University’s Graduate College does not accept HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) without a top-up degree. It is acceptable if your WES or ECE course-by-course evaluation determines your three-year degree equivalent to a U.S. four-year degree.

For questions regarding internal reviews and top-up degrees, please contact gradhelp@iastate.edu.

Helpful information

ISSO: https://isso.dso.iastate.edu/

Admissions information for international students: https://www.iastate.edu/admission-and-aid/admissions/graduate-students/graduate-app-info

English requirements: https://www.grad-college.iastate.edu/prospective/english-requirements/

Customized career advice

Whether you’re angling for a promotion or you want to polish your resume, the Graduate Career Services team offers each student personalized, custom advice and services for your climb up the corporate ladder.   

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