A collaboration between academia and industry

The Ivy Sales Forum strives to advance the growth and effectiveness of professional sales and works along with its corporate partners to provide the Professional Sales Certificate students with relevant experiential learning opportunities.

Corporate Partners: Pella, Athene, Holmes Murphy, Nationwide, Trinity Logistics, and Kent Corporation. Corporate Members: Cargill, CIRAS, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED), Enterprise Mobility, GreatAmerica Financial Services, HNI Corporation, Kingland, Mechdyne Corporation, Principal Financial Group, TMC Transportation, Velera, and Vermeer.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact Raj Agnihotri to learn about our different opportunities.

Corporate Partners

Holmes Murphy
Kent Corporation

Corporate Members

Industrial Solutions Network l CED
Enterprise Mobility
Great America Financial Services
Mechdyne Corporation
Principal Financial Group
Sales Advisory Board

Ivy Sales Advisory Board

The Ivy sales advisory board provides advice and counsel to the Ivy sales forum consistent with the aims of Ivy, including guidance on academic strategies, student mentoring, apportionment of resources, identifying potential new members, and other activities aiming to strengthen a world-class sales program.

Ivy Sales Program

The Ivy Sales Program prepares undergraduate business students so they are ready for a career in professional sales as soon as they graduate.


Ivy Sales Innovation Summit

Designed for leaders that are seeking best practices in sales, the Ivy Sales Innovation Summit is a collaboration between the Ivy Sales Program and Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS).

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