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Adams, Sarah

Title: Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
Department: Undergraduate Office
Office: 1200 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-8302

Afshar Bakeshloo, Kash

Title: PhD Candidate
Department: Marketing
Office: 4565 Memorial Union
Phone: (515) 294-2544

Agarwal, Sanjeev

Title: Emeritus Professor of Marketing
Department: Marketing
Office: 2350 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-8110

Agnihotri, Raj

Title: Dean's Fellow in Marketing and Director of Ivy Sales Forum
Department: Marketing
Office: 3185 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-0475

Aitchison, Gary

Title: Emeritus Professor of Management
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 2350
Phone: 515-294-8110

Amaya Leal, Johanna

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management
Office: 3127 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-8296

Anderson, Marc

Title: Dean's Fellow in Management
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3113 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 520-2217

Andrade, Alex

Title: Program Manager - CyBIZ Lab
Department: Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship
Office: 1805 Collaboration Place Suite 1300
Phone: (515) 296-5302

Appelgate, Michele

Title: Director of Marketing and Communications
Department: Administration
Office: 2227 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-5800

Austin, Tanya

Title: Professional Development Coordinator/Career Coordinator
Department: Career Services
Office: 1320 Gerdin Business Building
Phone: (515) 294-5979

Ay, Lezgin

Title: PhD Student
Department: Finance
Office: 4581 Memorial Union
Phone: (515) 294-2523