Ivy Directory


Laczniak, Russ

Title: Emeritus Professor
Department: Marketing
Office: 2350 Gerdin

Larson, Stephanie

Title: Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services
Department: Undergraduate Student Services
Office: 1200 Gerdin

Lee, Sunghan (Sam)

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Accounting
Office: 3323 Gerdin

Lee, Ju-Yeon

Title: John and Deborah Ganoe Faculty Fellow
Department: Marketing
Office: 3216 Gerdin

Lerman, Mike

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3445 Gerdin

Li, Jing

Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Accounting
Office: 3451 Gerdin

Liu, Tingting

Title: John and Connie Stafford Professor in Business
Department: Finance
Office: 3115 Gerdin

Liu, Chengzhe

Title: PhD Student
Department: Marketing
Office: 3122 Gerdin

Long, Brooke

Title: Senior Career Coordinator
Department: Career Services
Office: 1320 Gerdin

Lora, Tonio

Title: Assistant Professor of Practice
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics
Office: 3288 Gerdin

Lyndon, Suzanne

Title: Event Planner
Department: Administration
Office: 2221 Gerdin

Ivy College of Business

Gerdin Business Building
2167 Union Drive
Ames, IA 50011