Ivy Directory


Talley, Brady L.

Title: Director, Multicultural Student Success
Department: Undergraduate Student Services
Office: 2137 Gerdin

Tapp, Michele

Title: Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services
Department: Undergraduate Student Services
Office: 1200 Gerdin

Teas, Roy

Title: Emeritus Distinguished Professor
Department: Marketing
Office: 2350 Gerdin

Thomas, Clay

Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3134 Gerdin

Townsend, Tony

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics
Office: 3327 Gerdin

Trinkle, Brad

Title: Dean’s Fellow in Accounting and Chair, Department of Accounting
Department: Accounting
Office: 3153 Gerdin

Tripathee, Pratikshya

Title: Graduate Assistant
Department: Career Services
Office: 1320 Gerdin

Trotter, Taylor

Title: Custodian
Department: Facilities Planning and Management
Office: 0213 Gerdin
  • (515)294-5100

Tumey, Lauren

Title: Undergraduate Communications Assistant
Department: Undergraduate Student Services
Office: 1200 Gerdin

Turner, Tracy

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Finance
Office: 3111 Gerdin

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