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  • $53,015

    average management starting salary

  • $17.04

    average management internship wage

Management involves creating and maintaining a competitive advantage. It requires winning customers, motivating employees, and managing organizations in new and unique ways. Effective management of human potential and creativity is the foundation of a successful business strategy.

In management, you’ll learn about the importance of diversity, ethics, and technology in business, human resources, and more. You’ll build teams and lead people.

The Ivy management program helps you develop effective interpersonal skills and fosters decision-making and entrepreneurial thinking. You will become familiar with a variety of business environments. The skills developed here can be applied to a career in personnel management, organizational behavior, production, international and small business, healthcare, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, hospitality, education, entrepreneurship, and organizational leadership.

Management is essential to businesses of all sizes. In management, you create and maintain a competitive advantage. You win the customers. You motivate employees. You’ll learn to lead in new and creative ways.

Every company needs someone to step up and take control of a project or venture. As a management major, you’ll learn from the best. Our professors have real-world experience and have had articles published about their methods in leading management journals, giving you the knowledge to help you succeed at being a leader in any situation. In addition, you will learn about the importance of diversity, ethics, and technology in every business. A degree in management allows you to develop a broad understanding of all areas of business.

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Andrew Wilson

I chose to study management because I love working with people, organizing a team, and inspiring people to see what we can create.

Andrew Wilson, management, Ivy College of Business


Gain real-world experience

As a business student, you can participate in an internship as early as your first or second summer in college. Internships often provide an opportunity to confirm that your major is perfect for you. You will gain real-world experience where you can apply your classroom learning and skills in the workplace. After an internship, you’ll be better prepared for the global world of business. You will make connections with employers, network, and build relationships that may lead to full-time employment after graduation. Ivy students report high average salaries from their internships.

Brayden Riggs, an Ivy management, marketing, and international business student spent his summer as a product management intern at Pella Corporation in Pella, Iowa. Read more.

Management at Ivy

What sets us apart

Our program focuses on developing skills such as leadership, conflict and negotiation, strategic thinking, diversity and inclusion. These can be applied across all areas of business. These skills are especially relevant in an increasingly dynamic, diverse, and global business environment.

The Ivy College of Business is is highly ranked among AACSB undergraduate accredited programs. See our rankings page for details.



How we prepare you

At Ivy, you’ll learn from a combination of world-recognized scholars and accomplished professionals with real-world experience. You’ll master the theory and gain experience by putting it into practice with application to contemporary business problems.

The interpersonal focus of this program is a unique strength related to practical skills for working with and leading others: capitalizing on diversity, leadership and change management, negotiations, project management, and managing small or family businesses.  Courses build a solid background for anyone interested in future management positions, even if they are in other fields where there is potential for managing a department or starting their own company.

How we support you

In the Ivy management program, you will:

  • Learn side-by-side with internationally known faculty who support you.
  • Meet and learn from leaders in the industry.
  • Work directly with career coordinators who support you in finding internships and full-time employment.
  • Have the opportunity to work with experts in the Ivy Writing and Speaking Center.
  • Have access to a devoted academic advisor who supports you.
  • Have access to scholarships — learn more about the scholarships we offer to our business students.
Advisor meeting

Academic services

At the Ivy College of Business, we are here to support you from day one. We have academic advisors ready to help you select your classes and choose your major.

Professional career coaching

At Ivy, you can take advantage of professional career coaching. A career coordinator can assist you on how to approach the job market and to develop job-seeking strategies as well as networking opportunities. We are here to help you succeed!


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Management is essential to all businesses, all sizes. At Ivy, you’ll learn about creating a competitive advantage through building effective teams, motivating employees, and the importance of diversity, ethics, and technology in business, human resources, and more.

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